I purchased this 109 back in 2002 from a friend who was emigrating, mainly because it had a galvanised chassis.  It sat gathering moss until I finally started a nut and bolt rebuild 3 years ago.

First step was to get body off and then begin the painstaking process of stripping, cleaning, inspecting, replacing and/or refurbishing everything. The original 2.25 diesel had been replaced with a 2.5, and at some point during the last 10 years standing, the core plugs had popped due to ice, so I decided to go for a 200 tdi conversion.

I went for the Ashcroft high ratio transfer box, which is a DIY kit, so I rebuilt the gearbox at the same time.  I used a 300tdi exhaust manifold which avoids problems of clocking 200tdi turbo to get it to fit in a 109, and went for a full Steve Parker wide bore exhaust. I also fitted a Zeus disk brake conversion on the front axle.

Aside from these specialized bits pretty much everything else came from Paddocks: new parabolics, new chrome balls, wheel bearings, brake cylinders, hoses, locks, hinges, clutch, chequer plate floor, seats, etc etc. The end result is a 109 that looks and drives great, the parabolics are fantastic and the 200tdi gives great performance and economy. I am just starting on 88 now!

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