Basic Servicing For An L322 Range Rover Td6

Because most L322 Range Rovers are now out of warranty, DIY servicing of the Td6 engine is a realistic option for the majority of owners.

Many are put off by the fact that there is a computer-generated ‘miles to service’ figure displayed on the dashboard and assume you need a diagnostic tool to reset it. In reality, resetting is a simple series of presses on the dashboard buttons.

Servicing the Range Rover L322 itself is pretty easy, but the Td6 engine does have a problem you will want to resolve the first time you service the vehicle. There’s a crankcase filter that doesn’t appear on any service interval. This clogs up, raising oil pressure and leaking oil in the process.

This was resolved by BMW by replacing the foam filter with a plastic cyclone version. This info was not passed on to Land Rover when Ford took over. You’ll need to pop along to a BMW dealer to get this improved part.

To service your L322 Range Rover, you’ll need

  • L322 Service filter kit DA6030, from £28.08 exc VAT.
  • BMW Td6 crankcase filter (LLJ500010) from £5.11 exc VAT or filter kit 8510298 £23.00 exc VAT.
  • Engine oil, 8.8 litres of: 5W/30, 5W/40, 5W/50 or 10W/40 meeting specification ACEA: A3 and B3 with a viscosity band recommended for the temperature range of your location.

Tools used

Safety advice

  • Raise vehicle on solid ground with a good-quality 2.5tonne+ rated trolley jack
  • Support lifted vehicle on axle stands
  • Keep a door opening when vehicle is lifted to prevent suspension self-levelling and thus the potential for the vehicle to topple off the jack and stands

The above content originally appeared in LRO magazine and is reproduced here with the kind permission of LRO and their sponsors Britpart. Any advice or opinions are those of LRO magazine and its writers.