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A 63-year-old Series One 80in with a well-documented history has been given a new lease of life by Steve Patchett and is good for a few more years to come. Words and pictures by Louise Limb.

Ever since someone slapped the crosses of Saints George, Andrew, and Patrick together in 1801 to make a flag for these isles, we’ve all been cheered by the sight of the Union Jack. The Swinging Sixties gave it the edginess we’re now used to and once it had survived poaching by the National Front in the 1980s, the good old flag of the United Kingdom became a style icon as well as bring reassuringly patriotic. How much better then to find it draped across a Series One 80in Land Rover. Continue reading COOL BRITANNIA

One of the appealing things about rebuilding a Land Rover is that it is just a great big Meccano set; everything bolts on to a ladder chassis and many components are interchangeable from one year or generation to the next. Parts are relatively cheap and usually readily available, either second-hand or from after-market suppliers. While one must be practical by nature to undertake any sort of rebuild, a Series Land Rover is the perfect first vehicle. This was what swung it for owner Steve Simpson, a retired Watch Commander with Manchester Fire Brigade. A few years ago, Steve attended the massive War and Peace military show in Kent and was absolutely gob-smacked at what he saw. ‘The stuff there – it just blows your mind!’ he enthuses. He spent two days going round and realised even this really was not enough time. The experience really inspired him and he realised he wanted a bit of the action with all purpose, mechanical boys’ toys. Continue reading STEVE SIMPSON’S SERIES 1 RESTORATION

In Parts 3 & 4 of Trailerfitter’s Defender Project Buyers Guide we start find out what to look out for on the inside of a potential project as well as a less than satisfactory 300TDI engine conversion.

We also have a look underneath to see for any common faults.


Buying a second hand vehicle can be quite a minefield.  When you’re buying a second hand Land Rover it can be even more of a task!  Is the vehicle original?, does it have it’s original engine?,  why does the log book say ?……… You get the jist!

When buying a ‘project’ vehicle you expect there to be faults with the vehicle that will need sorting.  It wouldn’t be a project without these jobs needing to be done.

This series of Videos from Trailerfitters Toolbox shows you what to look for when buying a Defender as a project vehicle (in this case a pre-Defender 110). Continue reading DEFENDER PROJECT BUYERS GUIDE PART 2