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The TDCi Defender looks very similar to the Td5 and Tdi, but there are a number of changes that make servicing the vehicle at least a bit fiddlier; at worse, a nightmare. Continue reading Service A TDCi Defender At Home

Tools and equipment required (that I used):

  • Torx driver, (to remove and refit safari door handle).
  • Small electrical screwdriver, (to remove the small cover under the safari door handle).
  • Large flat-bladed screw driver, (to pry off safari door card).
  • Power drill, 4mm and 11mm drill bits.
  • Light oil (for drilling).
  • Good quality electrical tape.
  • Centre punch.
  • Marker pen.
  • Long piece of 10-12mm threaded studding and 2 nuts OR similar straight rod and tie wraps will work.
  • Tub of regular grease. Tube of low-temp silicon grease. Copper grease.
  • Big grommet (see Final Assembly).
  • 10, 13, 17 19mm spanners and sockets.
  • The wheel brace and security nut-remover for your spare wheel.
  • Round Files for deburring.
  • Several cleaning rags / cloths, or a new roll of kitchen towel.


A worn propshaft universal joint is most likely to be the cause of driveline vibrations or that expensive sounding transmission shunt that you ignore, hoping it will go away. Emrys Kirby solves it.

Land Rover propshafts joints are exposed to the elements and take a considerable torque load, especially if you use your vehicle off-road. They require regular greasing but are often forgotten until they cause problems. The good news is that inspection and replacement are relatively easy although can be fiddly which leads to some poor repairs. Sometimes a garage will replace the whole prop instead of replacing the individual components. This is often unnecessary and, if you do the work yourself, the overhaul can cost under £20. Continue reading BAD VIBRATIONS – SERVICING YOUR PROPSHAFT

With demand for Defenders ensuring that they hold their value it is essential to know what to look for when purchasing a second hand Defender.

Of all the videos LRTV have produced since we started sponsoring them, this guide has easily been the most popular.  Take a look: Continue reading DEFENDER BUYERS GUIDE