With demand for Defenders ensuring that they hold their value it is essential to know what to look for when purchasing a second hand Defender.

Of all the videos LRTV have produced since we started sponsoring them, this guide has easily been the most popular.  Take a look:

Part 1:  VIN, Engine and Gearbox numbers first.

Part 2: Bulkhead, Chassis and Doors

Part 3: Interior and Engine Bay

Part 4: Time to get on the crawler board

Part 5: Land Rover Defender 110 Project Buyers Guide Restored Project

The above videos were produced by Trailerfitters Toolbox.  For more videos check out the Trailerfitters Toolbox You Tube Channel.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst all efforts to provide professional, accurate and safe educational tutorials covering repair and maintenance of road vehicles are made.  The sponsors (Paddock Spares) and makers (Trailerfitters Toolbox) of this blog and video are not liable for any injury or damage to persons or property as a direct result of watching this tutorial.



  1. Lads, top marks on the excellent video series. Just starting to look at getting a landi and these are an amazing starting point for me. Thanks

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