In Parts 3 & 4 of Trailerfitter’s Defender Project Buyers Guide we start find out what to look out for on the inside of a potential project as well as a less than satisfactory 300TDI engine conversion.

We also have a look underneath to see for any common faults.

The above videos were produced by Trailerfitters Toolbox.  For more videos check out the Trailerfitters Toolbox You Tube Channel.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst all efforts to provide professional, accurate and safe educational tutorials covering repair and maintenance of road vehicles are made.  The sponsors (Paddock Spares) and makers (Trailerfitters Toolbox) of this video are not liable for any injury or damage to persons or property as a direct result of watching this video.



  1. Great video description of what to look for and some of the potential pit falls and costs if you’re doing up one of these. With a fully equipped workshop and a fitter to keep you right, you might stand a chance of getting one like this on the road but personally I would walk away from anything like this (I know it was being used as an example for an inspection) and in fact might go look at a Jap vehicle instead 🙂

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