Evoque Off Roading by Alisha Bethell (age 13)

Going Evoque Off Roading, Log book in hand and very excited, myself and my family made our way to Honiton, clear conditions and ready for my second Land Rover Evoque off-roading experience of the year.

I was excited to be going Evoque Off Roading again. At my first experience, we were given a log book, that every time you off-road one of the ‘Start Off Road’ courses you get a stamp, as well as a check list, checked off by the instructor. I think this is a great way of seeing how your driving skills have improved, where you have been and the conditions that you drove in. We started our off road session with a quick recap of how everything worked and the instructor adjusted the seat and steering wheel to my level.

As we made our way into the water crossing I realised how adapted the Evoque was to all terrains. Then we started to climb the mud track and we put the mirror cameras to work using them to keep an eye on the track beneath us. We stopped for about 5 minutes to look at all the other gadgets it has, including; reverse cameras, hill decent, front cameras, heated seats and steering wheels. Then I used the steering wheel to turn corners dodging big tree roots and pot-holes.

Getting to grips with Evoque Off Roading

When we got to the top of the hill I had to make sure the hill descent was at the bottom of the green bar on my dashboard so when we went down the hill the car wouldn’t run away from me. Starting to descend the hill, the hill decent kicked in and I was instructed to take my feet off the pedals and let the car do the work. It was truly amazing to see how at my age I can off road a car so powerful and just let it do the work!

The best part of my day was definitely going through the water and seeing how the Evoque reacted to it. If I had to ask them to improve one thing, I would say maybe to show us how the Evoque reacts in real life deadly situations, if it ever had face them, whether that be by video or one of the instructors showing us.

I’d Recommend Evoque Off Roading

I would definitely recommend Evoque Off Roading to all you Land Rover fanatics aged between 11 and 17 because it is a great way to get your confidence in a real life car. It is just an amazing experience to have and to be able to say that you did. I loved it, so much I am sure I will go on another experience in a different place to get the feel of another new terrain in this amazing car!

In the photos and video I have also posted you will see this Evoque is very special because it is tiger print. Land Rover are keen supporters of the Born Free foundation therefore decorated many off-roading Evoques like this!