Fit a Centre Cubby Box

Fraser Barsby replaces that tiny front centre cubby box seat DA2035 by Britpart.

Tools used

  • ⅜in flat wood bit
  • Cordless drill
  • Spike
  • 10.5mm metal drill bit
  • Rivnut setting tool
  • 4mm hex bit
  • Mini bit ratchet (TengTools 1400B)
  • Ruler, 5B pencil, marker pen

Fixings for Cubby Box

  • 8 x M6 x 1mm rivet nuts
  • 8 x M6 penny washers

Safety advice

  • Drilling and cutting MDF creates harmful dust, so wear a dust mask.
  • Wear eye protection when drilling.

Remove the Centre Seat

Let’s face it, the Defender’s front centre seat is so small it could have been designed for a small dog to sit on – but what if you don’t own one? True, it’s also occasionally useful for carrying fish and chips, crates of beer or a small cool box, but chances are you’ll get better use from a cheap cubby box – and you’ll gain a couple of cup holders too.

Prices start from around £45. Some boxes are lockable, and you also can get lids to match your seat trim. We’ve chosen a very basic, trimmed MDF box from Britpart, which doesn’t come with any fixings or pre-drilled mounting holes.  Several trim finish cubby boxes are available and can all be found here at Paddock Spares.

Taking out the centre seat is easy enough – it’s just a case of undoing two bolts at the front and two at the rear, although you’ll need a knuckle joint on your socket for the rear ones because access is tight.  View the pictures below to see how to install the cubby box.

The above content originally appeared in LRO magazine and is reproduced here with the kind permission of LRO and their sponsors Britpart. Any advice or opinions are those of LRO magazine and its writers.

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