Fit NAS Lights to Your Defender

Fitting NAS (North American Spec) lights is a great way to give your Land Rover Defender a new look.  NAS lights will give your Land Rover a more modern look and help you be seen!  Fraser Barsby shows you how it’s done.

NAS Lights for Defender

In 1993 Land Rover built Defenders for the North American market that were specially modified to comply with the strict US Department of Transportation regulations. One of the more obvious mods was the fitment of larger side indicators and tail lights. As a result, the lights became known as North American-spec (NAS) lights.

About 10 years later, Land Rover decided to fit NAS lights to the Td5 Defender – although only the fog and reversing light (XFE500010 and XFD500010 respectively).

As a result, a lot of owners have used NAS lights to modernise their Defenders, together with later hinges and bonnets from the 2007-on TDCi models.  Full kits of 2 front side-light, 4 indicators and 2 rear stop tail lights can be purchased with a kit as part number PM624)

Fitting NAS Lights to your Defender

The key to making NAS lights look right is to position them well and ensure they line up properly. Because this is a retrofit job you may be limited by existing holes – but, as you’ll see, that shouldn’t stop you from getting the layout right.

Even on the latest Defenders, only the fog and reverse lights are NAS items. You can still fit a complete set to the rear should you wish, but you need to be very careful – the stop/tail lights come very close to the edge of the body and the job can end up looking very wrong.

The above content originally appeared in LRO magazine and is reproduced here with the kind permission of LRO and their sponsors Britpart. Any advice or opinions are those of LRO magazine and its writers.