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The Series 2 Club was formed in 1984 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts who saw the need for a club to cater for all those interested in Series 2 Land Rovers, with an aim to further the appreciation, restoration and driving of all models built between 1958 and 1971. The Series 2 Land Rovers are characterised and instantly recognisable the world over by the curvy barrel sides designed by David Bache, which can still be seen to this day in the current Land Rover Defender models. The Club has around 1400 members from across the globe, although mostly based within the UK and we always welcome new members. Your vehicle does not have to be pristine, in fact you do not even have to own a Series 2, merely share the same passion for them as we do. Continue reading CLUB SPOTLIGHT – ‘THE SERIES 2 CLUB’

Lowcountry Land Rover Club was founded in the Fall of 2011 by three guys who noticed (through LR forums) that there was a lot of interest in the Charleston, South Carolina area for a Rover Club, but that nobody had actually started one.

Now that the ball is rolling, our group is growing by leaps and bounds! Today, our members represent Rovers as old as a ’61 109 Dormobile to a late model LR3. Between monthly meetings, we find places to explore off-road, or we have “wrench parties” and work on one of our member’s vehicle, which really adds to the camaraderie of the club. Continue reading CLUB SPOTLIGHT – ‘LOWCOUNTRY LAND ROVER CLUB’

This years ALRC National Rally is to be held at Belvoir Castle nr Grantham on 1st-5th June 2012.

In addition to the usual trails and Comp Safari events there will be a 4 mile off road course and arena based events.

Non ALRC members are welcome to camp and can take part in the off road course and arena events.

The race2recovery team are attending to take part and we will be holding a charity auction to raise funds. Top prize so far is a Trailmasters Morroccan Safari. Continue reading BELVOIR NATIONAL 2012

There’s hundreds of clubs throughout the world for Land Rover enthusiasts.  Some are small clubs with few members that meet up locally to talk Land Rover, others are large clubs that have many members throughout the world.

Clubs can be a great place to share knowledge, have fun and meet others with a similar love for Land Rover.

Take a look at our club links below: Continue reading CLUB LINKS