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With Land Rovers being one of the most stolen vehicles here in the UK we’re always on the look out for decent security products to help you keep hold of your cherished vehicle.  Whilst already offering steering column and pedal locks we’re very excited to announce that we are now also able to offer the SKYTAG GPS monitoring system.

Already well established within the Land Rover community the SKYTAG is an affordable tracking system for your vehicle that can be easily fitted and offers 24 hour 365 day monitoring.  The Police are also able to gain direct access to the SKYTAG system in order to recover your vehicle quickly.  SKYTAG quote the fast recover record as 11 minutes! Continue reading SKYTAG GPS TRACKER NOW AVAILABLE FROM PADDOCK SPARES

At last, a solution to one of the most common complaints about Land Rover Defender Vehicles!

As you climb into a Defender, all too frequently, one of your belt loops or pockets gets caught on the door catch – and very often gets ripped clean off! Many people have ruined several pairs of trousers in the past

X-Engineering decided to do something about it! Continue reading X-TROUSER – Defender Door Catch

Super Pro Bush Kit - DiscoveryThis new bush kit from SuperPro includes some unique design features.  The Super pro aim  was to recreate the flexibility of the original hydraulic bush, whilst using the SuperPro materials’ strength and high levels of resilience.

More importantly, SuperPro use a  unique material formula that holds very high rates of tear strength. It also has a height tolerance to elongation compared to rubber, regardless of temperature. This has a big impact, especially in  cold climates. The discovery 3 bush kit will last for longer. Continue reading SuperPro Discovery 3 Bush Kit