Quick Find: Dog Guards

We’re adding Quick Find Guides to our blog to help you identify the correct parts and accessories for your Land Rover. Hopefully many common Land Rover related questions will be answered. The first question is ‘What Dog Guard fits my Land Rover? Let us simplify the process of finding the correct one for your needs…

What is a Dog Guard?

This is a pretty simple question to answer! A Dog Guard is a mesh (or bar) guard that usually sits behind the seats in order to keep Dogs (and other small pets) within their area of the vehicle. Depending on the model of Land Rover the guard is either fitted behind the front seats e.g. in a Defender 90 or is sometimes behind the second row seats in front of the load area e.g. Discovery 1.

There are many makes and models of Dog Guard available. Some are ‘quick fit’ which often means that they can be quickly fitted or removed as and when needed. Some Dog Guards for Land Rover now also have the option of Dividers such as the one available for the Range Rover Sport.