Quick Find: Lamp Guards

We’re adding Quick Find Guides to our blog to help you identify the correct parts and accessories for your Land Rover. Hopefully many common Land Rover related questions will be answered. This question is ‘Which Lamp Guard fits my Land Rover? Let us simplify the process of finding the correct lamp guards to fit your Land Rover or Range Rover…

Different types of lamp guards suitable for Land Rover and Range Rover

Depending upon your model of Land Rover there could be various types of lamp guards available. For example Series vehicle mostly have mesh type metal guards, whereas a newer vehicle such as a Freelander 2 or Range Rover L332 is more likely to have plastic moulded guards.

Another decision to make before purchasing lamp guards for your Land Rover is whether you are prepared to drill holes in your vehicle’s body work as most models require drilling of body panels. It is always worth asking the seller of the lamp guards if drilling is necessary or maybe view the fitting instructions online if possible.