Quick Find: Side and Rear Land Rover Steps

Over the years, the options for the series vehicle haven’t really changed and you are limited to folding steps for the side and the common rear step (twin or single), that mounts behind your tow ball. For many years, this type of step was only available in gold zinc plating.  Nowadays, you have the choice of galvanised, black powder coated steps, or even black steps with a chequer plated top.

Defender owners have more choice than Series owners. They also have the option of side runners and the very popular NAS (North American Spec) Style Rear Tow Steps. A very popular choice of Side Runner for the Defender is the Tomb Raider or Fire and Ice Style runners.  All these options are available at Paddock Motors.

Range Rover and Discovery owners get lots of choice with the options of rubber tread plates, chrome plating, aluminium construction.  The range is constantly being expanded.

Endless Choice of Land Rover Steps / Range Rover Steps

When we started selling side steps in the early 1980’s it was simple, you had folding steps for the side of your Land Rover and either a folding step or a twin step for the rear.  Nowadays, the choice seems endless.