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Land Rovers are so popular and commonplace that we rarely even notice them when they appear on television. Set in North Yorkshire in the late Sixties, the Yorkshire Television series Heartbeat ran for 372 episodes from April 1992 until September 2010; regularly used to feature Land Rovers,  just as any good show set in the countryside should. Continue reading HEARTBEAT LAND ROVER

For almost three decades, the short wheelbase, coil-sprung, utility Land Rover has been the perfect farm runaround and tug. Go down to any auction mart on sale day and the car park will be packed with Land Rover Ninety and stock trailer combinations. They are a British double act as celebrated and ubiquitous as Morecambe and Wise or Wallace and Gromit. These Land Rovers tend to be standard base models with flat paint, steel wheels and a few dents while the dashboard and seats may have suffered at the teeth of a bored Jack Russell. Typically, they will sport plain hard tops or perhaps truck cabs with an Ifor Williams canopy. These are not lifestyle vehicles with fashion accessories to look good, like so many recreational Land Rovers, but works tools, purchased for a job and worked hard. Continue reading FARMERS’ GUARDIAN

Westmorland’s Eden Valley used to be protected from fires by a Series IIA fire appliance. Emrys Kirby meets its current owner and rings the bell.

This fabulous Series IIA Fire Hose Reel Tender is owned by Chris Brook from Preston. He grew up near Kendal in the Lake District where his father introduced him and his brothers to big boys’ toys. One of these big toys was a 1943 Dodge 102a Water Tender that Mr Brook Senior had purchased by sealed bid from Kendal Fire Station in 1973. The truck did the rounds of the local shows in the 1970’s and 80s, even going as far north as Glamis Castle in Scotland before falling into disrepair. Continue reading EDEN IS BURNING

I finally got MAS660 my 1961 Series 2a back on the road last October, all insured, MOT’d and of course “FREE” road tax. It was on the road later than I wanted,due to family and work commitments but is finally there.

I intended to paint it military green/black because I already had the paint (that’s why the wheels are black at the moment).
But after some Christmas money I decided to keep it Limestone/Marine Blue for the classic Land Rover look and pleased to say I made the right choice. I do intend to paint the wheels Limestone in the future. Continue reading SERIES 2A REBUILD BY DARREN ARCHER (PART2)