I finally got MAS660 my 1961 Series 2a back on the road last October, all insured, MOT’d and of course “FREE” road tax. It was on the road later than I wanted,due to family and work commitments but is finally there.

I intended to paint it military green/black because I already had the paint (that’s why the wheels are black at the moment).
But after some Christmas money I decided to keep it Limestone/Marine Blue for the classic Land Rover look and pleased to say I made the right choice. I do intend to paint the wheels Limestone in the future.

I sanded down the bodywork just to key the bodywork. I used etch primer and primed the whole Land Rover. Reading on the net I should of also used an undercoat but time was running out as baby number 2 was on her way so painted the topcoat over the primer.

I used a brush on the nooks and crannies and a 4 inch foam roller for the top coats. The primer was in aerosol cans off eBay.

If I was to paint a Land Rover again I would use undercoat and roller again as I was pleased the results. All that’s left is to replace all the door seals and it could do with a headlining to finish the inside. For info for you blog readers the paint was enamel from Paddocks and the colours have come out very well I think.

The project from the start was to put a Land Rover back on the road and not a showroom looking car that I’d be afraid to use. However I have some good feed back from Facebook friends and from Classic Land Rover magazine.

This article is courtesy of Darren Archer

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