Super Pro Bush Kit - DiscoveryThis new bush kit from SuperPro includes some unique design features.  The Super pro aim  was to recreate the flexibility of the original hydraulic bush, whilst using the SuperPro materials’ strength and high levels of resilience.

More importantly, SuperPro use a  unique material formula that holds very high rates of tear strength. It also has a height tolerance to elongation compared to rubber, regardless of temperature. This has a big impact, especially in  cold climates. The discovery 3 bush kit will last for longer.

The SuperPro engineers were able to use their knowledge  of similar bushes on other manufacturers cars.  Having carried out lots of on-car evaluation, the engineers selected a fresh, new design.  Using three pieces of polyurethane, including a central section with deep cutaway sections.

These ‘voids’ are important, giving the material the ability to flex and move in line with Land Rover’s original specs. This reduces noise, vibration and harshness.

The materials’ used in these Discovery 3 bushes have a resilience that allows  the suspension to regain its alignment.  The bushes do this without the hydraulic features of the original, meaning  the bushes are less prone to damage and wear.

In common with all SuperPro products, these bushes are supplied with a three year/36,000 mile warranty

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