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So what is a Winch Challenge? What does it involve? Can anyone do it? What kit do you need? Am I up to it? Is my co-driver up to it? Have I got a co-driver? What is a co-driver and what do they do? What are the different disciplines? How does the scoring work? Is my vehicle up to it? Why do the regs look so complicated? How much will it all cost?

If you are thinking about entering a challenge these are just a few of the questions that you may be asking yourself. Continue reading IT’S A CHALLENGE! by JAMES TREMBATH

Romania is a land of contrasts.  Not too far away from the chic restaurants, designer shops and nightlife of big cities like Timisoara and Bucharest, there are farmers living in the mountains using horse and carts as transport and with guard dogs with nail-studded collars protecting their sheep from wolf attacks.

It’s a country that doesn’t have any motorways, and the tarmac roads reach only so far from the towns before giving over to gravel or  unsurfaced tracks, especially in the mountains. Continue reading ROMANIA BY RANGE ROVER by John Pearson