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After getting back from the show I started on cleaning the project to see what I had got to start with.

This way it also got rid of the funky farm smell of the car that had accumulated over the past years.  Upon cleaning the car I found an old Abba 8 track and a lot of rubbish like old fag ends and straw from the fields.  I removed both wings and the front end section (This can be done by removing the bolt that go in to the bulk head and the top of the wing and unplugging all the wires).  I wire wool brushed the entire front end of the chassis with a drill (cheaper than a sand blaster), painted it in red oxide (from an local goods store for like £1 a tin), the nice cheap stuff and coated that in matt exterior paint made for gates and garden furniture. Continue reading LAND ROVER SERIES 3 88in DIESEL BUDGET RESTORATION by ADAM BROOKS (PART 2)

There’s hundreds of clubs throughout the world for Land Rover enthusiasts.  Some are small clubs with few members that meet up locally to talk Land Rover, others are large clubs that have many members throughout the world.

Clubs can be a great place to share knowledge, have fun and meet others with a similar love for Land Rover.

Take a look at our club links below: Continue reading CLUB LINKS