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Ed Evans of LRO Magazine continues his article on how to change the discs on your Defender……..


Rear disc brakes have been fitted to all Defenders (except military models) since 1994.

1. The rear brakes have a smaller single-piston caliper with split pad-retaining pins, and plate springs. Flatten the pin ends and withdraw them. Continue reading REPLACING DEFENDER BRAKE DISCS (PART 2)

Workshop manuals make Defender disc replacement look easy. It is, but extra knowledge and attention to detail ensures longevity, as Ed Evans explains.

There are lots of reasons to replace brake discs.  The common issues are surface rust that can develop into pitting, grooving from grit getting into the pads, or old discs wearing too thin.

More subtle concerns include disc warp, or you may want to uprate with modified discs and pads to handle an engine tune or simply to beef up your stopping power.  Continue reading REPLACING DEFENDER BRAKE DISCS (PART 1)

Insa Turbo Remould Tyres are becoming increasingly popular. LRO’s John Pearson looks at the reasons and takes a trip around the Spanish company’s production facility.

Take a look through some of the tyre dealer adverts in LRO and you’ll see that Insa Turbo remoulds are much cheaper than comparably sized new tyres.

Our research shows they can cost 35-45 per cent less than the popular BF Goodrich fitments, and are 25-35 percent cheaper than General GrabbersContinue reading REMOULDS – THE ECO OPTION

Romania is a land of contrasts.  Not too far away from the chic restaurants, designer shops and nightlife of big cities like Timisoara and Bucharest, there are farmers living in the mountains using horse and carts as transport and with guard dogs with nail-studded collars protecting their sheep from wolf attacks.

It’s a country that doesn’t have any motorways, and the tarmac roads reach only so far from the towns before giving over to gravel or  unsurfaced tracks, especially in the mountains. Continue reading ROMANIA BY RANGE ROVER by John Pearson