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With demand for Defenders ensuring that they hold their value it is essential to know what to look for when purchasing a second hand Defender.

Of all the videos LRTV have produced since we started sponsoring them, this guide has easily been the most popular.  Take a look: Continue reading DEFENDER BUYERS GUIDE

As a professional mechanic working in a properly set up workshop is too easy when servicing vehicles. Oil drainers are designed to collect draining oil from a vehicle when raised up on a ramp. What becomes difficult with a routine oil and filter change is when you are stuck without suitable lifting equipment and the correct drainage and storage equipment. Garages will drain, store and pay a company to collect waste oils for disposal. This is included in the garage servicing bill. As DIY enthusiasts we want to service our vehicle without paying those sorts of bills. Continue reading OIL DRAINING GUIDE

Recently the Land Rover Toolbox Videos were given a challenge to test and review the Paddock Heavy Duty Valve Spring Compressor PM1240. This opportunity we snatch up without second thought. We do love to put tools through their paces. As the name implies, the ‘Heavy Duty Valve Spring Compressor’ is designed for use an a variety of different applications for diesel engine cylinder heads including truck applications.  It is the same as those found in truck garages and well suited to the Land Rover engines which by their nature have cylinder head valves that are larger than a small 16 valve car engine. Continue reading STRIPPING VALVES OUT OF A CYLINDER HEAD

In Parts 3 & 4 of Trailerfitter’s Defender Project Buyers Guide we start find out what to look out for on the inside of a potential project as well as a less than satisfactory 300TDI engine conversion.

We also have a look underneath to see for any common faults.