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Fraser Barsby replaces that tiny front centre cubby box seat DA2035 by Britpart. Continue reading Fit a Centre Cubby Box

Fitting NAS (North American Spec) lights is a great way to give your Land Rover Defender a new look.  NAS lights will give your Land Rover a more modern look and help you be seen!  Fraser Barsby shows you how it’s done. Continue reading Fit NAS Lights to Your Defender

Traction is almost everything off-road, so get a grip and
fit a locking axle differential. Neil Watterson explains how
Continue reading Fitting Ashcroft Air Lockers to a Defender 300 Tdi

Because most L322 Range Rovers are now out of warranty, DIY servicing of the Td6 engine is a realistic option for the majority of owners.

Many are put off by the fact that there is a computer-generated ‘miles to service’ figure displayed on the dashboard and assume you need a diagnostic tool to reset it. In reality, resetting is a simple series of presses on the dashboard buttons. Continue reading Basic Servicing For An L322 Range Rover Td6