X-TROUSER – Defender Door Catch

At last, a solution to one of the most common complaints about Land Rover Defender Vehicles!

As you climb into a Defender, all too frequently, one of your belt loops or pockets gets caught on the door catch – and very often gets ripped clean off! Many people have ruined several pairs of trousers in the past

X-Engineering decided to do something about it!

Defender Door Striker

The result is the X-Trouser door striker. Not only does it protect your trousers, in many cases it makes the door close more reliably.

The Door Striker helps reduce the times that the seat belt gets caught in the latch. If the seat belt does become caught as you close the door, it suffers less damage due to the smooth profile of the X-Trouser.

X-trouser door striker


The photograph (above) shows why this happens – and also what X-Eng have done about it. The door catch on the right is the original and you can see that the bottom left edge forms a sharp hook. This is just made to catch on belt loops etc.

As you can see, the catch on the left has a smooth profile which even if your belt loop or pocket runs over it, it will slide off freely.

The original (Land Rover parts number FQB500130) also uses a plastic sleeve around the pin. This is intended to improve the sound of your door closing – making more of a thud sound. This works well, so long as the sleeve is in good condition.

The catch on the right is only 3 years old and the sleeve is badly worn & damaged. This often results in the door failing to close properly. Many Defender owners  experience this problem.

X-Eng Door Striker

Instead, X-Eng  made the whole part out of high quality 304 Grade Stainless steel. They feel that the door closing properly is more important than the sound it makes.

Land Rover Defender Door Catch Design Land Rover Door Striker Design


The X-Trouser door catch was designed using Solidworks 2012 CAD software. This allowed X-Eng to ensure it is a perfect fit to your vehicle and stress analyse it to make sure it is stronger than required – indeed, stronger and longer lasting than the original.

The X-Trouser catch is reversible so it will fit both the driver and passenger doors, left & right-hand drive. It will also fit the rear side doors of 110 Station Wagons.

Some early 90/110’s have a different style of door catch. Compare yours to the photographs to make sure it will fit!

Defender Door Catch Land Rover Door Catch


The photographs above show the prototype version, whereas the CAD drawing shows the production version. X-Engineering had to change the design a little to make the folding easier – so don’t worry if yours looks more like the CAD drawing than the photographs! Yours is the better of the two versions!

6 thoughts on “X-TROUSER – Defender Door Catch

  1. I want a pair asap! Trousers & seatbelts have both been getting caught for years & I’m sick of it. I’ve been anxiously waiting to land on my bum under the motor for a while now!

  2. Brilliant idea I am always catching the seat belt although not as yet caught my trousers – has anyone thought of an idea to keep the rear door open when its on a slope when parked on nearside kerb – i am always being crushed by the heavy door – dont you just love Land Rovers for their idiosyncrasies !!!!

  3. I bought four of these at the Bristol & West show last weekend – and although it’s early days, they really do seem to work! I tried rubbing my belt loop over the lock deliberately – and it just would not catch. I’m confident that they will put my Wife out of a job – sewing them back on & fixing my trousers!

    1. Hi James. That’s great to here. We have our first batch arriving next week so it’s great to hear your positive review.

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